At Home Theater Company we can design Complete Shading Systems for your home or business. With one touch of a button you can close all of your draperies and shades.

In the summer or winter you can have a system that controls how much sunlight is allowed to come in, which can help keep    the cost of electricity down. This is one more step to having your home or business go ”Green”.  

In a home, Shading helps protect your floors and furniture from the Sun. Thus keeping your house looking new.

In a business shading can keep your clients and cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You don’t have to have your staff walk over to each individual shade and close it, which sometimes can interfere with a client’s meal. All you would have to do is press a button and your shades can drop to a preset level or you can have them automatically do it at a certain time of day.
A shading system can also enhance the elegance of your establishment.


The days of buying a TV and plugging it in are long gone. Residential audio/video systems have changed to complex works of art. Let Us simplify the process


Our staff can design and install audio/video systems along with networking solutions for a wide variety of venues.


Basic installation and custom installation of audio/video systems along with Pre-wire and retro fit services



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