Let Home Theater Company design a Lighting system for your residence, office or business that will save on energy cost. For the home we can design a system that will allow you to light a dim path at night to a specific room which wont wake up the entire household with bright lights.

Create a lighting scene for parties, dinner, or entertaining. Dim the lights in the theater when the movie starts to give it that dramatic affect of a real cinema.

Have your lights come on or go off when you come home, leave or go out of town.
Have your lights dim in your restaurant as the daylight fades away. Most restaurants have a staff member go to a wall with a ton of dimmers and turn the dimmers to a specific mark. Doing it this way makes a drastic change in the mood of your guest. Using a lighting system, you can have it take a specific amount of time to dim thus making it almost impossible to notice that your lights even dimmed. Create a lighting scene in your restaurant or bar to add to the atmosphere.

In an office have your executives offices lights shut off with an occupancy sensor when there empty.

he possibilities are endless. Lighting systems save energy and create elegance.


The days of buying a TV and plugging it in are long gone. Residential audio/video systems have changed to complex works of art. Let Us simplify the process


Our staff can design and install audio/video systems along with networking solutions for a wide variety of venues.


Basic installation and custom installation of audio/video systems along with Pre-wire and retro fit services



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